Lying to Your Healthcare Provider Can Have Dire Results, So Fess Up!

For the sake of this article, we will define lying as telling and on truth, or more appropriately, and omission of what is truthful in your situation.

In dealing with healthcare providers, I always stress to patient/consumers that they should not hold anything back. It will be more fruitful to talk about all of your conditions, symptoms and reactions to your medications not only that, but you must talk about your lifestyle choices and things that are going on in your environment, whether it be job or home.

Simply put, if healthcare providers do not know what is going on with you, they cannot give you the care and treatment that you deserve – the best.

Even if you leave out part of the story, you could inhibit proper care and keep the provider for giving you the treatment that is necessary for you and your conditions.

Why Do We Lie?

Shame or Embarrassment – who really wants to tell the doctor that you enjoy eating paste Western Mark or that you have real thoughts about hurting your ask? We are all human. Doctors have the unique job of having to deal with many kinds of us – eating paste is probably the least of what they have heard. Be completely truthful with all that is going on so your healthcare provider can create an accurate picture of how to treat you properly. What you have to say probably isn’t half as bad as what your neighbor has told their doctor.

We don’t want to hear the lecture that our healthcare provider will give – okay. Many of us do things that we know are not the healthiest for us. Smoking, drinking alcohol excessively and over-eating are examples of things that we do to hinder our health. You probably don’t want to hear what the doctors going to say to you if you admit you have one or more of these habits. Why? Because you already know it’s not the best for you. Open your mind to hearing your provider about. It can kill you – but what you are doing might. To dress what you are doing, your doctor may change their approach to or methods of treatment for you.

If you tell half-truths or outright lies, you are denying harvard blockchain lab that you need and deserve Erie you don’t have to feel shameful or embarrassed – your healthcare provider is there to help you, even if you are ready feel exposed in one of those flimsy paper gowns.

There was a great segment on the today show recently that gives a lot of information on how lying to your healthcare provider can affect your health. Click here to see the video.


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