Agenus Inc. has a beta rating of 1,96 (NASDAQ: AGEN), and in the last trading session, it had 3,341,124 traded shares. Currently, the firm has a valuation of $655.28 million and closed out the previous exchange at $3.75 per share, thus receiving $0.44 on the day of the day, or 13.29 percent. The stock price of NASDAQ: AGEN at is -27.73% below the high price of $4.79 for a 52 weeks period and 51.47% off the $1.82 average of a 52-week period. Looking at the average daily trading volume of the company for 10 days, we can see the value was 2.3 million exchanged shares. The trading value for three months is 3.19 million shares.

The analysts conclude that Agenus Inc. (AGEN) is actually a Buy-Stock, with a suggested valuation of 1.3. None of the analysts assess the stock as an overweight. Neither of 3 valued it to be a Keep, 3 recommended it to be a Buy. Nobody classified the stock as a subweight. The estimated return on stocks is -0.26 dollars per share.


The stock today has traded green 13.29% and the highest price on Friday, August 07, when the NASDAQ: AGEN stock price was hitting $3,83-2 or saw an increase of 2.09% in the last five days. The present annual share of Agenus Inc. changed -7,86%, with a decrease in 5-day profit of 23,36%. The Agenus Inc. (NASDAQ: AGEN) shares have been moving -6.25 percent in the last thirty days. Quick business interest saw 20.95 million shares reduced to 6.57 with days to spare.

The analysts have a stock valuation median target of $6.5, indicating it stood at 73.33% of current prices. The minimum price target is estimated at US$ 5 and the top target is estimated at US$ 8. In this situation, we thus find that the current amount of prices is +113.33% off the target, while a decline could cause a stock loss of 33.33%.

Estimates and projections of Agenus Ltd. (AGEN)

For the first year, NASDAQ: AGENanalysts giving their industry forecasts have reported an annualsale of $10.35 million. The expected sales for the next quarter are $10.7 million. Revenue for this year and the next year amounted to $15.6 million and $34.5 million, and economists expect that the year will rise by -33.7 per cent and the next by -69 per cent. Considering the average growth of the company in the last five years and over the next five years to be -2.3 percent over the last five years. Growth in earnings by 2020 is modest +44.6%. You can buy this stock share from your stock account

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.


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